Deep Impact

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:08 -- amber

A cousin to the “Deep Stick” position, the “Deep Impact” is an easier to do position because it does not put as much stress on the male.

To get ready for some deep impact (oh yes, pun intended), the woman should lay on her back on the bed, her rear near the edge of the bed with her legs spread apart. The man should then get between the woman’s legs and put them on his shoulders as he kneels down to insert himself in to her. For stability, he should grab on to the woman’s haunches as he thrusts so that no one slides away during the process. If the woman feels so inclined, she should arch her back to grind her pelvis against her man to add some clitoral stimulation to the act.

As this position’s name implies, the man can give himself to the fullest extent in this position because nothing is blocking his way.