Leg Glider

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:12 -- amber

We are proud to introduce to you a orgasms.org original name and position, the “Leg Glider.” This fancy new position does bear some signs of caution – those who are inflexible should not attempt this position or they may end up hurting, however fi you have the ability to get in to this position and be comfortable you will be amazed at how great this position is.

To get in to the “Leg Glider” position, the woman should lie on the bed on her side, supporting her chest by placing her palm on the bed in front of her. The man should then come up to her and lift one of her legs, putting it on his shoulder while kneeling down to straddle her other leg and to penetrate her deeply. This position is not a difficult one, and it can bring some much needed life in to anyone’s ho-hum sex life, but it is not a reason to go to the hospital. Be careful, have fun, and we here at orgasms.org are sure that you will have a banging time.