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If you’re okay with a complete lack of intimacy and some awkward, off-the-wall things going on in the bedroom, this position is definitely for you. Certainly warn your partner before you initiate this position, otherwise you may just get a “what the hell” mixed with immense sexual frustration.

To get in to this somewhat awkward position, the woman will lay on her stomach diagonally across the bed, her legs spread. The man will then lay on the bed on his stomach facing away from his lover, aligning his genital area with hers and spreading his legs across hers and propping himself up on his elbows to have a better angle. The two partners should then proceed to push on their elbows backwards to provide sexual stimulation.

There is a caution label to this position, however. Because there is a lot of strain on the penis, do not bend it too far, otherwise the man will end up in more pain than pleasure, defeating the purpose of sex.

Video How-To:

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