Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:38 -- amber

Who knew this elementary school staple could be so sexy when looked at in the right way? The “Scissors” position is an exotic, erotic position that gives the couple plenty of room to move and adjust the rhythm of their thrusting for maximum pleasure.

To get in to the “Scissors” stance, the man and woman should each lay on their sides perpendicular to each other, layering their legs so that the man’s leg is on bottom and then wrapped around the woman’s leg as he lifts her other leg in to the air to use it for leverage as he thrusts in to her. The man can get even better leverage by propping himself up with his other hand and by having the woman plant both of her hands behind her to push in to him.

The “Scissor” only really works if the two partners take the time to get a rhythm down together, moving as fast or as slow as they desire for ultimate satisfaction.

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