Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:43 -- amber

Look at the electrical outlet. Did you ever think you could base a sexual position off of it? The “Sockets” position creates an interesting new way to pleasure each other. This position, however, is not just simply “insert Tab A in to Slot B” – it is a unique, erotic experience for the couple to try together.

To get in to this position, woman should lie on her back, supporting her upper body with her elbows behind/underneath her and hoisting her back off the bed by planting her feet on the bed, forming a position similar to a crab. The man should then lay perpendicular to the woman’s body, lacing one leg underneath hers and wrapping the other over hers, taking care so that when he inserts himself in to her he is not straining his penis too much (as it bends downwards). The couple can use their footings on the bed as leverage for thrusting.

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