Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:51 -- amber

You always knew that somehow, that game in your closet would become erotic in some way. “Twister” is a position that doesn’t requires as much flexibility or strength as the game, but does require you to be just as physically close with the other participant, making it a great position for those couples that really like to feel connected during sex.

To get in to the “Twister,” the woman should lay on the bed on her side, one leg in front of the other to give access to her vagina. The man should then lie beside her, weaving one leg in front of her and the other on top of her as he faces towards her feet, thrusting in to her at a downwards angle. The two lovers should be constantly holding each other’s bodies so that they don’t slip away from each other at any point.

Right hand butt. Left hand breast!