Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:57 -- amber

Working on the farm has never seemed like such a raunchy time, but pushing this “Wheelbarrow” around will have you questioning what other objects can be turned in to sexual positions with just a little bit of creativity.

For this position to work, the man should start in a squatting position, getting as low to the floor as possible as if he were trying to pick up a coin. The woman should then lay on the floor and get in to a pushup position, extending her legs backwards towards the man who should grab them and put one on either side of his waist, gradually standing with them so that her pelvis is pulled up against his. The man controls all the pleasure in this position by pushing and pulling the woman in to him as she holds herself up below.

This position can be a bit straining on the woman’s arms, so always be careful while thrusting so that she does not fall over.

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