Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:57 -- amber

Doing the worm on the dance floor and the “Worm” in your bedroom are two completely different moves, but we’re sure that both will bring you immense amounts of satisfaction.

To create this wiggly position, the man should lay on his back on the bed, his legs spread as much as possible to allow room for the woman to fit between them. Facing away from him, the woman should get in to a pushup-esque position with her elbows supporting her upper body and her legs on either side of the man’s shoulders, her pelvis against his as she grinds against him and arches and relaxes her back to pull and push him inside her.

This position can be a bit of a strain on the man’s penis, so caution should be taken to make sure that everything is in working condition for the entire position.