Exotic Family

Although there are a lot of sexual positions in this list for you to try, it is perfectly normal and it is widely understood that a couple might – and will – get bored with the usual bumping and grinding they undergo every night. There’s a batch of sexual positions that are a notch higher than these usual sexual positions and these are under the exotic family of sexual positions. The exotic family of sexual positions is so exotic; you might want to slap yourself on the face after you’ve done such positions.

These sexual positions are very much exotic and new to some people and that’s the reason why it will require for both partners to have utmost physical strength as well as unending endurance, or at least enough endurance to make them last the whole sexual activity. Make sure you don’t over do these techniques and that you only experiment with those that you and your partner’s bodies can accommodate if you don’t want to call an ambulance in the middle of your wild romp.

Big Dipper

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:22 -- amber

Need an excuse to take your partner in the living room? Trying to subversively tell your man to work out? The “Big Dipper” is the position for you! Note that this position takes a lot of endurance on the man’s behalf, so this isn’t a position to stay in for long periods of time.


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