Mastery Kneeling

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:17 -- amber

This is the sexiest thing you’ll try all night, we promise. Because the “Mastery Kneeling” position is so easy and puts no strain on either partner, it is truly a great position for all. Intimate, erotic, and close, this position is one that you should try out as soon as possible!

Get on a comfortable couch or bed and have the man sit down, his legs spread slightly to support the weight of his partner better. The woman should then mount the man, straddling him with her legs on either side of his body in a kneeling position with her hands braced on his shoulders for support. Because the man doesn’t need to support himself or the woman in this position, his hands are free to wander or stimulate any part of the woman’s body to help her reach her orgasm. For an added twist, he can also grab her rear and lift her up and down, making the set rougher but more enjoyable.