Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:28 -- amber

Start your engines and get ready to start a race to orgasm! The “Piston” position is one that will ignite both of your engines without burning out much fuel, or at least comparatively to the sports cars of the sexercise-based positions that you often think of to switch up your usual routine.

The “Piston” position’s difficulty comes from requiring strength of the man to be able to at least bench the weight of his partner, seeing as he has to hold her up through the entire process of intercourse. While the woman’s position isn’t nearly as hard, she should still be able to hold her core taut for a long period of time while the man pumps himself in to her.

To lift the female in the air, the man should bend himself at the knees and reach underneath her for optimal safety and support. Not doing this may result in dropping his partner, which would not be pleasurable in the least bit.