Slow Dance

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:42 -- amber

Remember those awkward days in middle school where boys sat on one side of the gym and girls sat on the other as the slow song came on, waiting for one person to approach another to dance? Don’t hesitate to grab your partner and start swaying along to this sensual, intimate position.

The “Slow Dance” is done by having both members of the couple standing face to face and being pressed against each other, the man squatting down slightly so that he can get under and in to his partner. To facilitate this process, the woman should spread her legs slightly and hang her arms around his neck, the way she would if the two of them were actually dancing so that her pelvis is raised slightly. When the man is inside of her, he should wrap his arms around her in a sweet embrace and raise himself up and down from his knees to thrust in to her, taking things slow to not bend his penis too much in a wrong way.