Face to Face Family

Most hopeless romantics would probably love the face to face family of sexual positions. Why? Because it is kissing and necking friendly which makes a great romance novel-like feel in the bedroom.

This set of sexual positions is so intimate and so easy to do (you can do it almost anywhere: beds, couches, kitchen counter tops, etc), it is one of the most commonly used sexual positions in this list. The face to face family of sexual position will most certainly unleash the Fabio Lanzoni in you and your woman will feel like a sexy romance novel cover girl with these positions. Role playing before getting into a face to face sexual position will probably be a great idea for the both of you.

Bended Knee

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:20 -- amber

If you’re looking for an intimate position with lots of face time, the “Bended Knee” is definitely for you. A slight variation on the “Dancer” pose, this position is fairly easy to get in to and incredibly fulfilling as the partners have to move in sync to make it work.


Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:17 -- amber

Break out the dancing shoes and tutus, then strip them all off because this position is going to break all the proper rules of ballet.

To get in to the “Ballerina” position, the man will stand in the center of a cleared out space, preferably nothing within the radius of the couple’s tallest person. The woman will then come up to him and lift one leg in the air, putting it on his shoulder to allow him to get deeper inside of her for better penetration. For extra support, the man should hold the woman’s leg to make sure she doesn’t slip or fall.


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