Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:07 -- amber

With a misleading name, the “acrobat” position requires no acrobatics whatsoever and is, in fact, a very grounded position. The “acrobat’s” appeal comes from its stimulation from both penetration and petting, as it provides easy access to the receiver’s full body.

To get in to this position, have the giver lay on their back on the bed with legs slightly opened. The receiver should then lower themselves on to the giver, their back against the giver’s chest, inserting the giver in to them. Either person can be in control in this position, as the giver can thrust upwards or the receiver can grind their body against the giver, causing stimulation that way. For an extra boost of orgasmic pleasure, the giver can also reach their hand around to the front of the receiver to play with their body in any way the receiver asks. This extra stimulation will make the “acrobat” a favorite position in your partner’s book!