Final Furlong

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:16 -- amber

Ever wondered what good that ottoman in your living room is good for besides holding all your useless junk? Try clearing off all those magazines and coupons, straddle that sucker, and prepare for this brilliant rear entry pose.

A physically intimate position, the “Final Furlong” is great because of the physical closeness of the two members of the couple. To get in to the “Final Furlong,” the woman should first straddle the futon and sit down, leaning forward to support her weight with her arms. The man should then sit down behind her, also straddling the futon, and enter her anally holding on to her chest as he thrusts, which also allows him to stimulate her nipples.

For easier movement, the woman can easily raise herself off the ottoman a little by leaning forward more.