Fire Hydrant

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:16 -- amber

This position has a leg up on “Doggy Style”… literally. The “Fire Hydrant” position is one that allows for deep penetration and satisfaction for both partners.

To get in to the “Fire Hydrant” position, the woman should get down on her knees in the middle of a cleared area and bend at the waist until she is supporting herself on her elbows. The man should then come up behind the woman and kneel like he would to propose – one knee on the floor, the other bent at a ninety degree angle, and pull the woman towards him, taking the leg that matches his “proposal” leg and placing it on his lap there to support her, as if she were a dog using a fire hydrant. Clever, eh? The “Fire Hydrant” position is great for people just looking for a little variation on their usual routine. No matter what you’re looking for, both of your tails will be wagging after this position.