Pearly Gates

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:23 -- amber

You will be in heaven with this super close position. By having your bodies right up against each other, the “Pearly Gates” position creates an intense sensation of intimacy that any couple can appreciate.

To get in to this position, the man should first lay down on his back on the bed, his legs spread with his knees bent so that they are off the bed with his feet planted down. The woman should then lay on top of the man, facing away from him with her legs outside of his to allow for deeper penetration. As the man thrusts in to her, he has free hands to play with her breasts or clitoris for extra stimulation to help aid in giving her an orgasm.

Although the woman is on top, this position is dominated by the man, so be sure to thrust extra hard because you won’t be getting much help on this one.