Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:44 -- amber

Never has dinnerware been sexier. This incredibly intimate position allows for full body contact between the couple, making it extremely intense for both members of the couple.

“Spoons” is a rear-entry position that will really make you start to wonder about the rest of your dinnerware. To get in to this position, the woman should lay on her side, taking her top leg and moving it in front of her other leg to allow easier access to her vagina. The man should then lie parallel to her right behind her, positioning his pelvis to be behind hers. Supporting himself on his elbow, he should raise his upper body off the bed to give him more thrusting leverage.

While the “Spoon” position is not particularly original, it does allow for deep penetration and physical intimacy, which is a major bonus. I

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