How To Have Sex In Your Car

How To Have Sex In Your Car

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 13:41 -- zena

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex inside a car? It might sound easy but it isn't as easy as it sounds. However, that doesn't mean that the feat is impossible. I am just saying that one doesn't simply go about doing it. One needs guidance to actually perform sexual acts inside their cars. The common difficulties when it comes to getting laid inside the car include avoiding hard objects like seats, steering wheels, dashboards and gear sticks. Lastly, getting a comfortable enough position to actually finish the job. Here are some positions that might be helpful for you and your partner.


This can be a woman-on-top or man-on-top position. The bottom participant lying on the back seat or the guy sitting. It works better if you try to pull the front seats as far forward as you can. This will give you more room.


Push the seat as far back as it can go and then take a seat. Your partner can ride you while facing you or facing the windscreen while using her hands on the dashboard for support.


The hood of the car is a wonderful platform for all kinds of activities. You can go down on her while she rests her legs on your shoulders. While her bottom is on the edge of the car, you can enter her. It is up to you whether you will enter her from the front of from behind while she leans her body on the hood. By doing this, you do not only achieve orgasm but you get fresh air at the same time.


Getting a blow job while you drive slowly can help set the mood right. However, please be careful not to get carried away. Stay away from potholes as well and most of all, no matter what happens, keep your eyes on the road.

Always keep in mind that you should keep some tissues for cleaning up. Having an extra small pillow for extra comfort is best as well. Have some water ready in case you needed to freshen yourself up. Always keep condoms handy however stay away from candles as they are a fire hazard. Setting the mood while inside the car isn't a bad thing but learn how to set the mood right. Playing some good music as your do the deed inside the car is one way of doing that. Keeping your car clean is another policy. If you truly want to do this in the car then make sure that it is clean of filth before engaging to sex inside it. Make sure to choose a spot reasonably carefully. Keep in mind that there might other people outside who might see you while you are doing the deed with your partner. Choose a quiet spot with a nice scenery and make sure nobody sees you. An empty parking lot will do the trick as well. Avoid common places where everybody goes. Do your best to use your imagination when it comes to making love outside.

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