Sex Positions With Twists - Part 2

Sex Positions With Twists - Part 2

Sun, 10/28/2012 - 21:01 -- zena

In my article the other week, I told you that most couples tend to follow repetitive sexual positions and sometimes one or both partners get tired of it. How can you make sure that such a thing doesn't happen? Well, there are many ways but the only ones I can give you today are some sex positions with twists. This might in fact get you and your partner laid once more. I can assure you that these positions will help spice up your sex life.

The first one on this list is definitely a big favorite with many women because it feels highly intimate and very naughty at the same time. The Spoon Split is not your regular spooning position. It is something more. From the traditional spooning position, her partner should take her top leg and drape it across from his own. This will force her thighs into a fairly widespread position, which can make even the most reserved of all women feel like a sexual nymph. Men would be able to thrust deeply while still having easy access to the women's clitoris. If you are a man, do not be surprised when she starts thrashing about while if you are a woman, be ready to feel stimulated. Sex in this position makes women feel extremely saucy.

Sex in this position makes women feel extremely saucy

Next on this list is the Reverse Cowgirl Squat. This sex position with a twist often leads to wild sex. If you are a man, get on your knees while facing the bed's headboard. Then, rest your behind on your heels. Have your woman squat over your lap while she holds on to the headboard. She is going to use it for leverage while she lowers herself to your erection. You can grip the curve of her waist as she rides you. This will help her balance during sex. Gentle hair tugging and mild spankings are accepted and can both easily be accomplished in this position.

The Standing Rhythm is both a man and woman's fantasy position. If most men have fantasized about bending a woman over to the sofa while he has his wicked way with her, most women have fantasized the same thing as well. This sex position makes the most out of that fantasy. Bend your partner over the sofa or a kitchen table which works quite well too. Make sure to spread her legs apart. Deep thrusting is very easy from this position. You will easily rock her world if you rotate your hips while penetrating her. You can add a little spanking in the mix and I am sure that you will have a very content woman on your hands when the deed is over.

Lastly, we have something that they call 69 + 1. It is not a Mathemetical equation, silly. It is a sexual position of the 69 variety. Adding fingers and toys to the mix just makes it more fun though thus the name. Instead of the usual traditional position, lay side to side, as this will make it easier to manipulate toys. You can start with this sex position with a twist the old fashioned way. Use your tongue to lick her clitoris until she is wet and begging for penetration. Once she is ready for more, maintain the oral stimulation while you slip a finger inside of her wet folds. If you really want to drive her at the edge of lust, replace your fingers with a small vibrator. I am sure she will have multiple orgasms just by adding that little flavor into your usual foreplay.

some people somehow misuse these modern technologies as they find out new ways on how develop their own fetishes

Never forget that there is nothing wrong with upgrading sexual positions. It is up to you and your partner to be more creative in bed to achieve more pleasure and satisfaction. They key to achieving both is to make sure that both partners reach orgasm. Never be afraid to try anything new as every little twist in the various sexual positions that you know just might make your partner more satisfied than before. Enjoying different positions should be a two way thing so go ahead and indulge but never neglect the needs and wants of your partner as well.

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