Why not start prepping her up with a little masturbation?

Shower Sex Positions

Mon, 09/03/2012 - 16:54 -- zena

Just because I said that today we are going to talk about shower sex positions, doesn't mean that you have to start the deed inside the shower. Actually, it would be better if you would start the deed outside on dry land. Why not start prepping her up with a little masturbation? Stimulating her in bed would be a good way to kick things off. Make her come once and then stop and tell her that there is something that you need to do inside the bathroom. Go inside and make sure to light some scented candles. Turn on the shower and make sure to get the right water temperature. Once done, you can now get back to your lady.

Penetrate her for a few minutes and then pull out of her. By this time, you should make sure that your bathroom is ready and clean for what you are about to do inside. Lead her to the warm water and start kissing her once inside. But even if you are already both wet and horny, that doesn't mean that you can just go ram away inside her. Make sure that before you do, you can make things move slowly for both of you. This is merely to savor the moment and the savor each other. Why not service your woman in a different way this time? Get a sponge and add some soap on it. Then, scrub her back working your way down to her butt. Scrub every inch of her lovingly and diligently. This will help her relax and feel better. Make sure to not forget to scrub your favorite parts of her body. Instead of using the sponge on her vagina, why not use your hands instead. That will make the experience more sensual for both of you.

I'm sure she will willing do the same for you afterward. While scrubbing each other sensually, keeping eye contact is essential to add a more seductive feel to the act. If your shower room is good for two people then you don't need to worry about how awkward things would get inside. So, why not turn on the water and turn on your partner big time? Once both of you are done washing each other, perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to bend her over and try something new. Doing it doggy style inside the shower is one innovative position in a very unique space. A warning though: Never use soap on your penis as the idea and the feel of it is not good inside her. It is a big mistake that many men and women have done.

If you think you have the strength and the stamina to lift her up then why not? Hold her up against the tiles as you let her wrap her legs on your waist while you pump inside of her. If the shower nozzle is high enough then why don't you indulge in the warm water as you enter her. I am sure the water sloshing outside your bodies while you bump and grind at each other will make this experience a memorable one.

Moving on to a tub can guarantee a more variety of positions for you and for your partner. So if you want to see her driving you mad with lust, why don't you lie down on the empty tub as she straddles you and rides you hard until both of your comes? While the water continues to hit both of you, she will continue to ride you senseless which makes this sexual position a very enjoyable one.

If you feel that you want to try letting you and your partner have a little bit of foreplay then why not? Women are comfortable giving their men the experience as they know that their vaginas are clean and are read for some action. Imagine sensually assaulting her as the water hits her body. I am sure, she will enjoy it. Meanwhile, you can also have the same experience. As she goes on her knees, guide her as she indulges in your penis. While the water hits you, you will realize that the warm feeling will not only come from the water but from inside your body. I am sure release will follow suit.

Next time, perhaps indulging in more sexual positions in the bathroom will help you get a more orgasmic experience but for now, these sexual positions in the shower will be enough to make you and your partner have a fun and clean time as you go down and dirty on each other.

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