t might be the most ancient of the styles but it still hasn’t lost its charm til

The Elegance of Missionary Style

Sat, 09/08/2012 - 12:56 -- maiya

Astonished with the very name of the missionary style? Well, it might be the most ancient of the styles but it still hasn’t lost its charm till now! Wherever you lay your eyes on, couples are very much intrigued with trying new and innovative sex positions that would make their love making session a more sizzling one. But would you like watching your partner in such a weird position that this might even lead to losing your interest?

Talking about the most famous yet for some one of the most boring positions to have sex in, the missionary style can lead to one of the awesome sex in your life. However, the position we are talking about is a bit twisted one with lots of innovations added to it. The elegance of the missionary style is that the two lovers have this opportunity to make love to each other while looking into each other’s eyes. This not only gives both the partner a sense of belonging but also triggers the intimacy between them. The fact that the couple’s bodies are entangled with each other, this definitely is the other factor of enhancing the fiery moment between the couple.

For those couples who love getting pleasure in the pleasure of intimacy, the missionary style is the best one for them. Not only because of the reasons stated above, but because the styles easily allows the deep penetration of the male organ also keeping the female organ tight.

For most of the woman, the innovative missionary style is much more comfortable where they bend their legs a little while keeping their feet still on the mattress. This position allows much more and better contact with the vagina hence making the session prolonged.

The position also gives the chance to fondle her partner’s buttocks! This would definitely turn you on and for the matter of fact; get ready for some serious back scratching from your wild cat!

Another way of getting intrigues with the missionary is style to let your woman put her feet on your shoulders. This would definitely give you the lifetime pleasure letting you achieve the deepest penetration ever in your whole life. However, the position might get a bit hard on your woman as she could not take all in altogether.

Most of the couples enjoy the ancient missionary style to have sex, try making your girl lock her legs around you. This would not only frap you with her beautiful thighs but would let you feel the sensation of her body against your body in a sizzling manner. This position in turn allows deep penetration but might make you too crazy to ejaculate is off quickly. However, the wrapping of the legs around a man’s body would also tighten the girl’s vagina around the man’s asset making the session fierier.

No matter how ancient the style is, it surely is the most intriguing ways to make love with your partners giving you the divine effect of love making.

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