Woman On Top Sex Positions

Woman On Top Sex Positions - Part 2

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 12:59 -- zena

Last week, we explored some woman on top sexual positions that were to die for. This week, we are going to explore some more. Are you ready?


Ask your partner to lie flat on his back with his knees bent and his legs spread apart. You then face him as you get on top of him. You slowly lower yourself onto his hard shaft. Keep your knees bent and your legs outside his arms for support. You can then lean back and support your weight on your palms as he thrusts his hips up and down. You can stay steady but you can also move along with him if you want. Most women and men love this position because as you lean back, the angle that you create is great for G-spot stimulation. Aside from that, his hands are free to make the rest of your body moan which can both benefit you and your partner.


You can start doing this move in a regular woman on top position on the bed. Do not get under the covers. It is a must that he sees you, all of you on top of him. But instead of you riding him with his body lengthwise on the mattress, mount him as he lies perpendicular to the pillows. Once you are climbing toward climax, stop moving and gently grab the sides of his torso with your hands. Then, you lean on your knees. Inch him toward the edge of the bed until his head, shoulders, and arms are hanging backward over the side. You can then start riding him again. Why do women love it? Because you are in complete control here. This position feels good because you are literally sitting on his hard shaft, giving him no choice but to bury himself deep inside you. And when he is upside down, the blood will definitely rush to his head which will allow him to experience what is called an erotic inversion. It will send tingles to his upper body that will turn his climax into an out of this world experience that he will never forget.


Let your partner lie on his back. Make sure his legs are straight out in front of him. Put a pillow under his head so that he can watch the action. You then straddle him with your head facing his feet. With your hands on the floor for support, you back up onto his hard penis. He then holds on to your upper thighs or your butt while you thrust. You can pick on the angle and the speed of your thrusting which is why there is plenty of opportunity to experiment and find your hot spot. Explore the proper rhythm. Circle for a few times before taking the unexpected plunge to have a more exciting effect. It gives you a maximum control over your intense orgasms but your partner gets to savor every sensation without exerting too much effort or breaking a sweat. He will definitely love the total visual and perhaps will even indulge in some spanking as you do the dirty deed for him.


Let your lover sit on the floor with his legs stretched out comfortably in front of him. Make him lean back slightly and ask him to use his arms to support his weight. With your back to him and your legs straddling his thighs, you can then lower yourself onto him. Make sure to keep your knees bent and your feet planted on the surface. With your groins grinding together, you can do some muscle control on your groin as he makes small circular rotations with his pelvis. With you on top, sometimes hitting your G-spot can be a little tricky but if you turn your back on him then things change. This position keeps you in control but gives him as much as a direct shot at your can't take it anymore zone. While you are in this position, he can also kiss your neck, caress your inner thighs and stroke other easy to access erogenous areas.

As if you on top of him isn't enough to turn him on, you can always drive your man wild with your free hands. Teasing his testicles with a few fingers or playing with his nipples will make him horny for you. Make sure that before you get ready to ride him, prepare him for the ride. It will be more worth your while. Either way, the woman on top positions will definitely both make you and your partner contented in bed so why wait when you can try these positions right now!

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