How To Get Your Partner Interested In Sex Toys?

How To Get Your Partner Interested In Sex Toys

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 15:11 -- zena

Let's face it! There comes a point in every relationship where a couple's sex life becomes stale and boring. For most people, they want to look for ways to make their sex lives spicy and interesting again while others just ignore it as to them it is merely a phase in their sex lives. This might just be the right time to introduce sex toys or adult toys into your lives. The most common sex toys include the vibrator and a dildo.

Unfortunately, not everybody likes the idea of using such toys in bed as to them, sex should only be done through natural means, never with the aid of any toys. Somehow they feel that it makes the act of making love dirty. If only they knew that using such toys can be beneficial for both men and women.

How can one overcome their objection to adult toys? Believe it or not, it is usually the men who are the ones who are worried about introducing sex toys into the bedroom. It is probably because they have an inferiority complex over it. It starts with the fear that they can be disposable and can easily be replaced by any sex toys out there when we know the fact that it is impossible. Some women might enjoy sex toys more than men but that doesn't mean that men are replaceable in their lives. I don't think any sane woman would ever choose a vibrator or a dildo over a man. Such sex toys cannot give you warmth and love when you need them. They cannot give you children which is why men should realize that they can never be replaced by such things. Sex toys are merely used for satisfaction. There is no connection or bond that can be made between a woman and her sex toy. Perhaps, it is up to the women too to show their partners how much they appreciate them more than their favorite vibrator or dildo. Sometimes though it is the other way around. Some women who are not open minded and who are conservative do not like using such toys. Honestly, no matter what reason they give their partners, it always only boils down to the fact that they do not want to use sex toys because they are embarrassed. Since using a dildo or a vibrator can make her achieve sexual pleasure all to herself, she feels that it is not right to deny you of the pleasure that you both should be sharing. Men should coax their partners and tell them that they will also enjoy it when their partners find pleasure in something kinky. Mainly, it is up to assuring your partner whether you are a male or female which makes her or him more at ease and comfortable to the idea.

Take it slow. Start Off Small. Remember that you shouldn't take big steps into the world of sex toys right away. You wouldn't want to intimidate or scare your partner away. It is your responsibility to introduce the idea and the toys to her or him slowly so that they may have the grasp of what you both need and want to achieve. Talk to your partner first then perhaps a quick trip to a store filled with sex toys wouldn't be so bad. Going online and showing him or her some of the photos and describing what they can do can help stimulate one's imagination and probably help to make him or her more interested in trying it out.

Always remember that using sex toys should be beneficial to you and your partner. Be sensitive to his or her needs. Consider the fact that stimulation and achieving orgasm is different for everyone. Persuading a partner to do something for the first time is always never easy but at the end of the day when you are able to coax him or her to doing it with you or for you, you will feel satisfied with the end product. Change is difficult and uncomfortable.

Always give time for your partner to get used to things. Do not force him or her to like what you like. It would be better to know how your partner feels about sex toys before you decide to surprise them with it. Surprising them with sex toys can either make them more interested in the idea or be put off by it. You don't want to do the latter. If your partner is still adamant to use sex toys then start it with the most basic. A simple lubricant will do. Bigger and better sex toys can be to follow. Lubricants can help people understand that sex toys can be fun to use. When all else fails, you can always buy your favorite sex toy then use it by yourself and then let your partner see you doing the deed and then seduce him or her to join you.

Saying that he or she is the only one missing on the action will most likely arouse your partner especially after seeing you naked and ready for them. Who can refuse that?

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