10 Tips to Adding a Romantic Hollywood Touch to your Relationship

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 10:49 -- amber

A lot of modern day relationships are highly influenced by the things they see on TV. One of the most prominent places that a lot of people tend to draw their inspiration for building a romantic relationship is in Hollywood productions. Discussed below are top 10 ways that a couple can add some romantic Hollywood touch to their relationship.

10. Wear nothing but your best jewelry to bed

This is one of the many fantasies men love to see. Accessorizing of this kind makes him feel lucky for he doesn’t have to go out to a club and watch this showgirl fantasy.

9. Enjoying a session of sexercise helps in creating hotter and better sex

This is because after a workout, blood gets pumped in all the right areas hence making your orgasms even more intense.

8. Learn to use your fingernails rather than the fingers to caress his skin and hair

The touch of nails is more sensual to the skin thereby making the overall foreplay a lot pleasurable.

7. Surprise your man when he least expects it, but in a romantic way

Slip into the bathroom while he is taking a shower; of course this will lead to an incredible love making session afterwards.

6. Invest in a lacy black thong

This small piece just like the small black dress is bound to make him desire to be with you whenever he sees you wearing them, or whenever he sees them lying around.

5. Take time to watch naughty films together

Of course you’ll have to surprise him. Tell him that you want to watch a documentary but then, put on an adult film.

4. Be spontaneous in your sex life

If you tend to have very hectic and demanding careers, introduce quickies in your relationship. These you could have just minutes before leaving for work, a date or even a meeting.

3. At times when he might be too tired to do anything, including making a conversation, give him a nice massage without talking

The massage will relax and sooth him and come the next few hours, he will be all over you.

2. Before you fall asleep, share some pillow talk

The pillow talk should be no ordinary pillow talk. The way to go is share some x-rated pillow talk.

1. Next time you have a rather erotic dream, instead of brushing it away, wake up your man and let him make your dream a reality.

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