Different Types of Sex that You Must Experience

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There are a zillion positions and different types of sex out there waiting for you to explore and experience. But, among all these, there are five main ones that you have to try out before it’s too late. These include first-time sex, birthday sex, vacation sex, make-up sex and baby making sex.

There is always a first time sex for everyone who enters a new relationship. We all work and prepare so hard to make a good first experience for fear that we may be dumped after that in case we don’t prove ourselves to be good enough. The secret about first time sex is to make it like a free sample or an icing of the cake. This simply means that you should give your new partner a taste of how good you are, but don’t deliver it all. Leave them guessing and desiring for more so that come the next time, they will be willing to explore more of what you have in store.

Birthday sex too ought to be well perfected. This is what makes birthdays special. The present you spent so much money on is not even close to what you give him/her in the bedroom. With this type of sex, you have to make it up to them since it’s their day by spoiling them with the best sex they have ever known. Don’t expect them to return the favor. If they want, fine. If not, wait till your birthday comes up.

Vacation sex may take many forms

Vacation sex may take many forms. It may be happen during your honeymoon or over the holidays. Vacation sex exposes you to a new environment hence, gives you more opportunities to try new styles or positions that are likely to spice up your sex life and keep you looking forward to the next vacation.

Make up sex is just beautiful. It is a way of saying of expressing how sorry you are through your sexual expertise. At times, your performance in the bedroom is what will determine whether you are forgiven or not. Make up sex has actually been proved to be one of the best ways of cementing almost broken relationships.

Lastly is the baby making sex. In the future you would like to look at your child and remember exactly how it was like during the moment when that baby was conceived. Baby making sex therefore requires that it be very passionate and romantic.

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