Grave Mistakes During Sex

Grave Mistakes During Sex

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 17:49 -- amber

There exist a couple of things that several women do while having sex which their men find to be rather repulsive. Examples of these mistakes include the following:

The top most repulsive behavior is talking too much either during or after sex. This has nothing to do with talking dirty or flirting. It instead refers to the kind of talk whereby the woman is complaining about her schedule, needs or other personal problems. To fully enjoy sex, one has to desist from this behavior and instead focus both mentally and physically towards the love making session. The same applies after both of you have climaxed. Most men prefer slipping into a sleep. By not focussing too much on the talk, chances of him reconnecting with you will be heightened since you’ll have given him the attention he yearns for.

Secondly, do not result into being a passive partner. Instead of having the man in your life run the show all the time, the woman too should be able to come out of her comfort zone and seduce her man as well as initiate for sex. This ignites more fire into the relationship thereby making the couple feel more sexually attracted to each other.

Thirdly, taking proper care of one’s hygiene is highly encouraged. This though applies to both men and women. It’s significantly important to ensure that one takes a nice long shower, shaves all the appropriate areas and applies lotion before going out for a date, or sleeping with a man. Similarly, one ought to take proper care of their health especially where diseases and birth control are involved. If well observed, nothing is bound to come in between the couple’s love making session.

Lastly is expecting that your man is bound to perform as per your demands. At times, a man too can fail to be in the mood. Instead of getting mad, you could introduce some foreplay and seduction moves to get him in the mood. Being his woman, you should also be in a position to know which parts of his body are most sensitive and easily stimulated before, during and also after sex.

If all of these measures are taken into account and adhered to, you too will notice a change in your man’s behavior when having sex. As a matter of fact, your sex life is bound to become better, more exciting and even spontaneous.

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