How to have Good Sex over Video Chat

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 11:01 -- amber

Building a long distance relationship is pretty easy, but maintaining it is quite hard. The reason behind this is that all relationships usually require that you spend quality time together, and meet each other’s needs which in this case may be hard to make happen. To help you beat this problem, here are seven ways that can help you have a healthy sexual relationship via video chat.

Take note of the things that you want to do with him/her or in front of your partner before you get online. This may involve a bit of dirty talking, role playing, strip teasing, touching oneself among others. You could also share what’s on your list with your partner before you initiate the chat.

Dress up in a sexy manner as though he was there with you. This will help you in getting the mood and may easily turn her/him on upon seeing you. Set in the right mood as well with some sexy music playing on the background and good lighting so that he/she doesn’t miss on the show.

Start the chat with a few jokes and a bit of laughs to lighten the mood as well as make you more relaxed. When you are less nervous, you are bound to enjoy it more. Tension too is pretty good especially when in need of heightening the levels of anticipation between the two of you. Gaze into each other’s eyes and breathe heavily to get your mind ready for the action as well.

Touch yourself in-front of him slowly. You can bring in the sex toys to enhance more stimulation as you let each other take a peek of how you do it to yourself and how you like it. In return, ask your partner to do the same as you peek with pleasure. This is where you pick up one of the written sexual acts you had compiled earlier. Ask your partner to do the same so that the both of you can climax at the same time.

To enjoy this awesome sex via video chat, embrace freedom and enjoy what you are doing. The key is to assume that you are actually within the same room hence set your mind into focussing more on what is in-front of you rather than the one who is miles away from you. Moreover, sex via video chat is much better and pleasurable than phone sex or sexting.

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