Sex After Forty

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 10:52 -- amber

It has been said that life starts at forty. It’s also at forty that one starts to experience the best sex of their lives and also starts to enjoy and get satisfied sexually unlike in their earlier years. Some of the reasons why sex, especially to a woman becomes better at forty is because:

It’s during these years that most of the women reach their menopause hence giving them a chance to enjoy sex without the worry of reproducing. You therefore have to no longer worry about getting pregnant or using contraceptives. With no consequences to constrain you, there is no limit at how frequently or how you do it; it’s simply there to enjoy.

Having sex after forty will further guarantees that you will be completely off the hormonal roller coaster. All of the emotional stabilities that come as a result of the monthly cycles will be long gone. Since the levels of oestrogen in the body will be levelled down, you can enjoy great sex without barriers.

Unlike women who are in their youth and mid years whose major focus is looking for love, when you are over forty, all you care about is being happy. The acts of not looking for love in every relationship you establish makes it easier for you to have great sex without caring about the aftermath; whether you will be cheated on, proposed to or makes a life together with that person.

With age, comes new experiences; experiences to take you into a new level of discovering new ways of finding pleasure. Due to the changes occurring in a woman’s vagina walls over the years, she’ll will be driven to try different routes to achieving her orgasm thereby leading to her and her partner improving their sexual experiences and building on their intimacy.

For the first time ever, once you hit forty, you no longer have to care about how people think about your sexual escapades. Having sex is no longer about tainting one’s morality but ensuring that their happiness comes first. Furthermore, once you are free from other people’s judgements, you can fully find pleasure in sex than you ever have in your latter years.

In addition to all the above, you can look at a half empty glass and see it as half full since with age, you will have learnt to accept and appreciate whatever is handed to you. By learning to appreciate, one strives to make the best out of what they have than go out looking for a better option. At the end of the day, you’ll have learnt of newer acts, positions and different ways of achieving the perfect or multiple orgasms.

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