Transform your Bedroom into a Love Nest

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 10:48 -- amber

Every lover of good food knows that the secret to enjoying the delicacy is not only determined by how it is prepared but also by where it is served. Sex is no different. For you to enjoy really awesome sex with your partner, you ought to ensure that your bedroom is not just a place to rest but a love nest for just the two of you. The simplest formula of creating a love nest out of your bedroom is achieved by:

Giving it a vacation feeling: Sex during the vacation is amazing! How amazing would it then be were it to happen every day? To create such a feeling, all you got to do is making simple changing around your bedroom once in a while, when you partner is least expecting it. You could change the position of the bed change the sheets, color of the paint or add some new furniture into the bedroom.

Make the lights dim: Dim lighting creates a special effect into your bedroom will transform your bedroom into a more intimate and sexier love nest. You can either shop for different shades of bulbs, lamps or candles. Dim lighting has indeed been proved to help in boosting a woman’s female arousal levels by increasing the nitric oxide levels in her body leading to her blood vessels widen thereby pumping more blood through the body.

Get a special bedroom scent: The smell of your love nest plays a very major role in determining how much sex you’ll get and how frequently. If you are a woman, in order to turn your man on, invest in vanilla scented scents. Vanilla scents help in calming down and reducing any inhibitors from a man. If you are a man though, invest in lavender scents. Lavender scents distressing the woman by reducing the levels of cortical-a hormone that lowers the woman’s libido levels.

Get rid of the gadgets: Having too much gadgets will always get in the way of you having enough sex and also, when you are having sex, one is likely to be easily distracted by whatever may be airing on the screen. The most perfect way of getting to reconnect with your significant other is by getting rid of the TV, computer or mobile phones from the bedroom. That way, you will have all of your attention focuses on just them. Buy a door lock: The least thing you want when having a steamy session with your sexual partner is having someone walk in on you. If you have roommates or a family, you should consider investing in a temporary lock so that you can stop worrying about being unawares and instead, venture into more intimate and above the sheets exotic positions.

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