Don't Be a Selfish Lover: You Are Done, She Is Not - What Next?

Sat, 07/28/2012 - 14:29 -- zena

So, you've already had your orgasm and you're perfectly relaxed, but oh no, don't sleep just yet. Remember that there is still work to be done. She made you come and now it is your turn to return the favor.

Will you leave her high and dry or will you instead give her one of the best orgasms in her life?

I am sure you want the latter but how. Well, now is not the time to be selfish or to dumb about it. Women are easy to please in bed. You just need to know how to. No, it won't take you a long time to do it especially when she is already aroused and waiting expectantly for you and your next move. Here are some ways on how you can do it.

Perform Cunnilingus And Use Your Fingers For Her

Yes, foreplay. When you lick her vagina and you use your fingers to penetrate her, you do not only stimulate her clitoris but you do the same thing to her G-spot as well which is a very smart and sexy move. It is a great way to satisfy her even after you already came. Getting the right rhythm down is the key. If you get this right, it won't be long before she moans with pleasure. She should already be close to an orgasm after three to five minutes. If you are feeling too lazy or too tired to do this then use your fingers to achieve nearly the same effect. Curl up behind her and spoon her then teach down around to massage her clitoris. Keep your face close to hers so that you can maintain a connection even if you are not really facing each other. This will add some intimacy to it which will show her that you care for her pleasure as well.

Sex Toys

Using Sex Toys is another alternative. A dildo or a vibrator can both be used to satisfy her after you have peaked but make sure then we use these, you know that your partner likes it too. Do not just use them without consulting her first. Remember that she craves your attention too and sometimes sex toys aren't exactly what other females have in mind. If your partner is open to using them then go for it. Simply turn on the vibrator as you press it into her core. Make sure to use it in circular motion on her clitoris which will then stimulate her some more. If she shows satisfaction on her face, make sure to continue the process until she comes hard afterward. That way both of you have achieved the orgasm that you both needed and wanted.

If you think you can still make her come using your package then why not? Since the penis can sometimes stay inexplicably hard for a few minutes longer after you have peaked, why not dedicate that time for her instead? After ejaculating, wait for 30 seconds until your penis is no longer extra sensitive to touch. You can then change condoms and spread her legs to get back to the deed. The only difference is you let her completely control the motion. If she is nearing orgasm, continue having intercourse with her until she finishes. If you can stay turned on then you might just be able to bring it back to its former hardness completely. If not, just keep on going until its obvious that your erection is not coming back.

Watch Porn

Then again, you can always watch porn together. If you need some time to get your erection back, sometimes porn helps. Remember that when you watch porn together, you should play with each other to stimulate each other and to become more ready for the next round. To avoid awkward moments, prepare the movie before she even knows it. That way, you won't need to get up to leave the room and set up everything. That, my friend, will definitely spoil the mood. Be careful of the porn that you choose though. Go for the girl friendly ones so as to not offend her while you both watch it. You would rather have her aroused than offended.

Lastly, there are other men who can convince their partners to finish the job themselves but I think is a very rare case and a selfish act still. But if your partner is up for it then go ahead and let her finish herself off while you watch. Hey, it might be rewarding if you end up getting aroused once more.

Hello, Round two!

Always remember that you should never ever leave your partner consistently hanging for she might just do the same thing to you. I am sure you wouldn't want that either. No matter how exhausted and contented you feel after an orgasm, always think about her needs as well. Good men always leave their women satisfied and hungry for more. That is how good relationships last. For men should always think that there is no greater thing than finding ways to satisfy their partners no matter what.

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