Essentials of Good Head

Essentials of Good Head

Sat, 05/05/2012 - 13:41 -- jcartwright

Let’s face it. Good head is not common. This is for a lot of reasons: some women don’t actually like giving (which will make all the difference) head, some women don’t know how to give head (read this article) and some men are very bad a receiving head (yes, he has to do something too).

Fortunately, the secrets of good head are, first, not really all that secret and, second, not hard to understand either.


The first rule, and the greatest rule, is to show enthusiasm! Without this, all your fancy technique is useless…well, mostly useless. In any case, this is the essential quality that makes head good. Men often feel awkward (did you know?) during head because they think she doesn’t actually enjoy it and only does it to please him. Why would he think this? Probably because you’re not showing him; give it a little heart. Offer an appreciative “mmm” like when you eat chocolate and remember to smile some. This lets him know that you like doing what you’re doing. It makes a big difference.

Fancy Technique

If we were to go down the list of techniques available one by one, this article would get very long. Fortunately for everyone, all the fancy technique can be summed up in a few simple rules.

It’s about variety! Do too much of any one thing and it gets old. You have to mix it up in order to provide constant stimulation. Be creative down there. This is the essence of all the different techniques for you to try, but the honest truth is that most things you do down there will feel nice so don’t worry too much about trying something new (with a few exceptions, but those later).

Spread the loving. Don’t focus too much on one spot. Nerves need a break and the more you focus on one spot the less pleasurable it becomes. Shift your focus around in order to keep the pleasure fresh.

It’s a dialogue. There is not quick rule for getting a man off. Every guy is different. Pay attention to what he likes by reading the signs (moans, expletives, etc.) and make a mental note. Guys. It’s important to tell the ladies what you like.

Know when he’s about to cum. The signs are a tightening in the sack and his moans start turning into whimpers, more swearing if he’s like that. This can let you slow thing down and make it last longer. Or if you want him to cum, remember to suck.

Something to Keep in Mind

A blow job is nothing more than the creation of a false vagina. Basically, that means three things: warmth, pressure and wetness. Warmth and wetness your mouth has naturally, but you have to create the pressure. Use your hand on the shaft to gently apply force in order to do this.

Something not to do

As mentioned earlier there’s really not much you can do that will be really wrong. But there is one thing. Keep your teeth out of the action. The men who enjoy feeling teeth anywhere down there are few and far between.

But then again some do (see the third rule). Otherwise, happy trails!

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