How to Talk Dirty Without Freaking Her Out?

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 10:30 -- maiya

‘I want to make love with you!’ or ‘I want to get inside you’ are some phrases that no guy could ignore.

But the desperation of the moment could certainly not take a hold on guys, eventually resulting in messing things up for themselves.

Talking dirty with a girl without freaking her out is in actual fact an art that not all guys possess. Of course, when you see a girl naked, all that comes to your mind is ‘I want to fuck her!’ But hold your horses till the time she initiates the game. This would be more thrilling for you. Girls usually like dirty cum decent talks. Yes, women really are a difficult thing to understand but deal with them because your life certainly is no where without them. Talking about the situation you are in with the girl would be a better choice than praising her for something that is not happening at that moment. If you are alone with a girl, talk nasty but make sure it is said in a sophisticated manner. This would ease her boosting her confidence. In situations where you are in an enclosed are with the girl already, the best way to turn her on is to praise her body. Of course, faking around would consequently make her think that you are pretending. Be very careful about your words and actions specifically while praising her assets.

Some boys lose their self control and intent on using words like ‘pussy’ or ‘bitch’. DON’T use such words in front her. However, the word “fucking” sometimes works in the favor of boys and happens to turn the girls on in that very situation. However, one must have the art of using the controversial language. Women like it when you indulge them with the dirty talks. Asking them to touch their assets themselves and making them do exactly what you ask them to do verbally flairs up their enthusiasm. This could create a dynamic aura in the atmosphere leading you both to participate in invading each other’s body.

There are some questions that woman actually likes talking about. If the guys ask her about their kiss or something explicit that has been done, this would make the girl hornier rather than freaking her out. Asking for an elongated French kiss or taking permission to touch a girl’s assets make them go crazy. Also, while talking dirty, if the hand’s movements go as per your words, this would certainly not freak any girl out. Just make sure that the atmosphere and your words are not blunt enough to scare the hell out of her.

Handling girls with care is one difficult thing any guy can do. Especially when you have to handle her in situations like these. But if handled with care, women can actually take you to heaven. Freaking women out is an easy thing to do, but making sure that they’re very much comfortable with you is an achievement!

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Maiya Hashmi