Perfect Sex or Keeping Your Mind Open?

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 01:28 -- amber

There is always room for improvement, and yes, that includes your bedroom´s master techniques

Are you a woman who is confident of her abilities in bed? Well, you got to feel proud about it and talk as many friends as you can into learning how to feel the same way. But it does not matter how many pleasure secrets you know; there is always a chance for reflecting on new ways to reach ecstasy, and here we give you four nice principles to consider if you enjoy having explosive sex sessions.

Listen to that bold, sensual you who speaks from the inside

You need to know what makes you feel comfy and sexy in the bedroom, it is just as important as any especially complex moves you might have learnt. You can never be embarrassed of expressing your sexuality with total freedom, both alone and accompanied by your partner – unless you want to risk missing the chance to have mind-blowing sex. Play with some naughty toys just for pleasure, turn the music on as you dance naked around your bedroom: learn how to be completely happy about your body when you are alone, and you´ll be screaming with delight when it´s your man´s turn make your body happy.

You need to get ready for the concert

Tuning up your instruments is in fact already a part of the concert, and it´s just the same with warm up. Maybe you have come to be really good to receive your partner when he is ready to get inside you, but he also has to become great at making you ready for that moment. You both need to feel wild with lust during to preliminary stages to have a fully outrageous sex experience; bite, kiss, stroke unexplored bits of each one´s bodies. Whether he believes it or not, orgasm will be much more intense for both of you if you pay attention to foreplay.

Sex is not good if you believe in mass production

Orgasms will begin to feel the urge to part ways with you if you decide to have a fixed routine to travel while having sex. You and your partner should always be aiming for mutual surprise. Use your tongue where you had never before tried it, keep an eye out to identify new hot places where you can do it, and always follow your instinct in a moment of passion. When it comes to sex, thinking you know how you like it the most is a dangerous mistake. So, that´s our final word for the day: be creative and daring, because you are going to have fun if you are!

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Amber Hoffman

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