The Thrill Of Oral Sex

The Thrill Of Oral Sex

Wed, 05/16/2012 - 09:22 -- zena

What is oral sex? It is a higher form of foreplay where lovers need skin on skin contact. The act of going down on someone though is easier said than done.

So before you and your partner ever indulge in such a practice, make sure that you know how to do it. Always remember that when you are going down on someone, you and your partner should both in the most comfortable positions available.

Make sure that both of you are relaxed and are ready to enjoy one another. Anybody can both give and receive oral sex while sitting down, standing, lying down, bending over – you name it! Creativity finds ways. For men, always remember that before you lick a woman's vagina, it is better to caress it first as you sensually explore it with your fingers as you breathe hot breaths on it. Women like that.

As you slip your tongue gently inside her, make sure that you hit her clitoris. Suck on to her clitoris gently. The sensation drives women crazy. But remember not to suck too hard or too long on her clitoris as too much of it, may cause her to feel irritated as it will feel swollen or too sensitive. Using your fingers to probe her as you lick her can drive her to orgasm.

Do not be too conventional. Using food in bed isn't such a bad idea. Whipped cream, chocolate, ice cream, syrups and some fruits are just some of couple favorites. As you pleasure one another, a little added flavor only makes sex kinkier. For women, they should learn how to give blow jobs to their male partners. Make sure that your teeth do not touch the skin of his penis when you slowly put it inside your mouth. Using your tongue to lick and massage the penis from inside your mouth can help stimulate him. However, learning how to do the deep throat will be so much more rewarding that a regular blow job. Cupping his balls might arouse other males but not all. Licking on it and sucking on it can vary from one male to another too. Humming, moaning or making any kind of vibration helps.

As both of you pleasure each other through oral sex, it would be a more enjoyable and arousing experience if you continue to look at your partner's reaction to everything that you do. Unfortunately, both men and women have different needs when it comes to oral sex. For men, they need oral sex because they find it pleasurable and for some, fantasy fulfilling while for women, they need oral sex merely because aside from the pleasure that they can get from it, they can gain attention and tenderness from it. Men need to show those things to their partners so that it would be easier for them to like the idea of sex, get in the mood and be ready for what's going to happen next. Some people say that oral sex is better in risky places as the thrill of getting caught helps stimulate both partners and enhances the chances of them having sex right away when they reach home or if not, a more private place for them to do the deed. There are so many ways on how you can excite your partner.

Whether it is in a form of a blow job, a 69 or something else, I know that both partners will be able to climax harder in the end making the sex more fulfilling for both people. If you still have not discovered the joy of oral sex, then why not try it? I am sure that it will not only do wonders for you but it will improve your performance in bed and your sex life too.

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