Grooming the Little you down There

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 00:05 -- amber

The vagina is the key to a woman’s world of freedom, fantasy and ecstasy.

As a woman, you have to take great care of the way your vagina looks not only for your own sake but also for the sake of keeping your partner interested and desiring for more. There are a load of ideas on how you can groom your vagina but the most obvious and rewarding ones include the following:

Brazilian waxing: A hairless vagina just like a well trimmed lawn is beautiful to look at, play with and flaunt about. Although some people opt to trim the small bush, that’s not good enough. Proper shaving is required. However, since the use of shaving creams doesn’t work the miracle, the answer is to have it waxed. Waxing should however be done with a lot of care since the skin surrounding the vagina is highly fragile. If you want it perfectly done, do not wax yourself but instead let a professional do it for you.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, you may find that your vagina is somewhat darker than the rest of your skin. You can however make it lighter and beautiful it again by bleaching it. Bleaching can be done using various chemicals including the basic home-made detergents. Great caution should however be taken when using skin bleaching detergents for they may cause harm to the skin. You may also consider accessorizing your vaginal area by piercing it and wearing a ring. A number of men are actually turned on by pierced vulvas. Alternatively, you may result to have a tattoo around that region. Some women also prefer going for a sexy and unique shaving that leaves in patterned hair around the vagina.

Lastly, you can settle for a cosmetic surgery especially if you are not very comfortable with how your vagina currently looks. Cosmetic surgery can be done to improve on its appearance. Examples of surgeries done include reshaping the labia which mainly involves having it shortened or simply tightening the vagina. Vagina tightening is mainly done to women of advanced ages who may have developed some wrinkles in their vaginas. When tightened, they gain back their original look and ends up looking as beautiful as that of a teenager.

Though some of these alternatives may be a bit painful to try, at the end of the day, with a well groomed and attractive vagina, you are bound to welcome as many visitors as you may want many of whom may get addicted to the new look!

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