What is orgasm for?

While it is clear that in men an orgasm also means ejaculation of sperm into the woman's vagina which may lead to giving a new life, the purpose of women's orgasm has been an arguable issue.

Although nowadays some scientists differentiate between men's ejaculation and orgasm, still the question about women's orgasm seems to be a lot trickier and it has been widely discussed over the last years.

One of the first theories that might also be favorable with the adherents to Darwin's theory of evolution, suggests that women's orgasm aims at encouraging women to have sex with her partner and thus create and maintain a relationship within a couple. A man has to possess certain qualities in order to lead his woman to an orgasm. And these qualities are not limited to purely physiological aspects as size or any type of aggression. Instead the male has to be patient, caring and intelligent - and these qualities are essential in species development.

This theory also confirms the fact that after experiencing an orgasm a female needs to lie down which is helpful for successful conception. However this theory was widely criticized by the representatives of the feminist movement.

It is quite complicated to study different effects of orgasm on human brain due to technical difficulties and cultural barriers. But what is incontestable is the fact that real orgasm in men improves the quality of their lives since studies show that men who have regular orgasm at least couple times a week are less prone to cardiovascular diseases. And women in their turn when achieving a real orgasm are less likely to suffer from various psychological disorders like depressions and will have easier menopausal symptoms.

Ability to climax and actual achieving of orgasm are part of healthy lifestyle for adults.